The Complete Japanese Reader Collection

15 Complete Japanese Stories with English Explanation and Definitions + MP3s of the Japanese

by Clay & Yumi Boutwell

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Newly added: Yuki Onna NEW! and Anchin and Kiyohime NEW!

A $31.43 value if bought separately. Today, with this offer, only $20.

Japanese is a fun and exotic language to learn, but sometimes using a textbook alone can be a challenge to maintain motivation—especially for those living outside Japan. 

One objective of The Complete Japanese Reader Series is to make learning fun and therefore increase motivation to stick with it! The Complete Japanese Reader Collection is designed to be a fun supplement to your textbook 

Your textbook is great for guiding you through grammatical patterns, new kanji, and vocabulary in a step-by-step fashion. But sometimes you need extra material to solidify old knowledge and introduce new vocabulary and grammatical patterns in a more engaging way. 

Perhaps the best way to gain new vocabulary, master hiragana and katakana, and learn new kanji is to read, read, and then read some more. But finding high quality reading material at your level can be a major challenge especially for beginners and upper beginners of Japanese. 

 If you are nodding your head, this course was designed just for you. 

This course includes 15 Beginner to upper beginner level stories, fully annotated with a running gloss and detailed grammar explanations. Plus each story includes two MP3s—slow and normal speed—recorded by a native Japanese voice actress so you can be sure you are getting the correct pronunciation and context.

What our Fantastic Customers love to say about The Complete Japanese Readers

The stories are fun and interesting 

"The stories are fun and interesting, and the grammar and vocabulary is just challenging enough without being frustrating for my students. They remember these stories months after we've read them, and really enjoy re-reading them in whole or in part for tests and other exercises. It pushes them just a little, for example by not repeating the definitions for vocab from previous pages and (in the Kindle version), not glossing kanji, but that only seems to increase their satisfaction when they can read and understand by themselves. I only wish there were more of these fun and lighthearted stories to bring to them!" 

by Amazon Customer, Norfolk, USA

Excellent for a beginner to intermediate Japanese student 

 "This is excellent for a beginner to intermediate Japanese student. Absolutely the best. I highly recommend using this book first before the other. 

 Japanese Reader Collection Volumes, it is the easiest to understand in both reading and listening." 

 by Ski Bum, Park City, UT

Clicking the Download Now button could be the best decision you've made for fast tracking your Japanese!

Here’s what you get with each of the 15 stories: 

  •  An easy and fun introduction to Japanese folklore, tales, and stories—these are the classic stories every single Japanese person knows and loves, but few Westerners have even heard about! 
  • Read the most famous and interesting Japanese tales in real Japanese! Yes, as long as you have learned hiragana, you can read real Japanese today with these fully annotated stories. (Don’t know hiragana yet?! No problem. See our special BONUS at the bottom of this page!) 
  • Every single line and every word are explained and defined. 
  • Designed specifically for beginners to intermediates. 
  • Build your Japanese vocabulary, understand new grammatical patterns, improve your reading skills, and hone in your listening abilities 
  • Thirteen full traditional stories with a running gloss, each with two MP3s recorded by a native Japanese voice actress. Print out the PDFs and drop the MP3s on your phone for on the go studying. 
  • Over the years, thousands of people have enjoyed these stories sold individually for $5 or more each. Now, for the first time, you can get them all together for a single low price of $20 (6 readers + 1 Hiragana book). 

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate student of Japanese

So, how will you master Japanese? By reading and listening! 

The Complete Japanese Reader Collection

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Only $20 – One Time Payment! 

This is a one time payment--no monthly or reoccurring bills--but act now: the price will go up soon.

When you buy The Complete Japanese Reader Collection, you will get: 

  • TWO full MP3 recordings of each story—a slow and normal speed recording by a native Japanese voice actress 
  • PDFs of each story with a running gloss, grammar notes, and a complete vocabulary list of every word in the story 
  • Most includes Kindle and ePub versions as well 

Works with PCs or Macs, ePub works on Android devices with FBReader and possibly other EPUB book reader apps.

The Complete Japanese Reader Collection 

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you can get now—INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

  • Hikoichi and the Young Lord 
  • Hikoichi and the Living Umbrella 
  • Tengu’s Straw Raincoat 
  • Momotaro, the Peach Boy 
  • Usagi to Kame (the Tortoise & the Hare) 
  • The Inch-High Samurai 
  • Kaguya Hime 
  • The Mouse Bride 
  • Ikkyuu-san 
  • The Cut-Tongue Sparrow 
  • Kobutori Jiisan 
  • Yuki Onna NEW! 
  • Anchin and Kiyohime NEW!

Impress your Japanese friends with knowledge of Japanese folktales and stories while polishing your grammar and learning new vocabulary words. 日本語を磨こう! Let’s polish our Japanese!

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A One Time ONLY Payment of $20 -- no monthly or reoccurring bills--but act now: the price will go up soon. 

All you need is $20 and the knowledge of hiragana to begin now. But WAIT!! What if you are really just starting out in Japanese and you haven’t learned hiragana? 

Hiragana is the first Japanese syllabary a student often learns. It forms the basis for really everything else. And you really need to know hiragana to use the readers to their fullest purpose.

Good news! 

 As a special bonus, we are including our first book we ever wrote—Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese. But we aren’t just giving you the book. Just like the rest of the readers, we are also including MP3s and other files to help you learn hiragana in as little as two weeks. 

 Over the years, we’ve sold hundreds of these books and MP3s for up to $15 each! Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese is yours at no extra charge.

We took screenshots of reviews from our previous happy customers…

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Only $20 – One Time Payment! 

This is a one time payment--no monthly or reoccurring bills--but act now: the price will go up soon.

Want to learn Japanese? It’s all about the choices you make with resources and time. Will the Complete Japanese Reader Collection help you? Well, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. 


Just in case you aren’t sure this is a right fit for you—will the stories really be interesting?! Can I really read real Japanese?! I changed my mind and decided to learn Korean!!—we are offering a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. And we aren’t just offering a 24 hour deal—you have 60 days to fully try it out.

That’s right, if you aren’t 100% happy, just contact us within 60 full days and we’ll promptly issue you a full refund.

We are confident you will be thrilled with the content. The MP3s alone are worth much more than we are asking. And there is absolutely no risk to you; it is ALL on my shoulders.

Best regards,  

Clay and Yumi Boutwell  

PS: You are just moments away (instant download, mind you!) from enhancing your Japanese reading and listening abilities.

P.P.S. Let me also remind you, that you are totally and fully covered by our 100% “No Risk” guarantee! What are you waiting for?

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